MyStraightBuddy - Chet Jerks Off (mp4)

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Chet is one of those buddies I usually only see out at the bar. We're there every week, so we know each other pretty well, but we had never really hung out at the house before. That changed last Christmas Eve when he came over to chill for a little bit--everyone else took leave for the holidays and there was no one in the barracks to drink beer with except for his roomate who apparently had a girl lined up and wished , so he called me up.
Now, not to toot my own horn but I've got a pretty good idea now when one of my buddies is horny and looking for an excuse to get off. Most of the guys in town know that it's cool to do whatever at my pad...and a lot of them I think secretly think it would be hot to rub one out while their buddy watches. And I wasn't wrong.
2013-07-17 07:41:56
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