Harvey Dale Vs Zack Reno (Zack Reno's dick got exposed)

Wrestling and Sports
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This is Zack’s first ever oil match and this is the most erotic we have ever seen Zack get. Lots of excitement in his speedo.  When Zack oils down Harvey you can see he is ready to get something started, it brings a whole new meaning to erotic oil match. And that’s saying something for UCW. Newcomer Harvey wrestles like he is an old UCW veteran. It’s his first time doing an oil match as well, but he was great. My favorite moment of Harvey’s, he had Zack locked up, so he took his foot and started rubbing Zack’s crotch and it worked! Okay, they were slipping and sliding all over each other, pulling on each other’s trunks, punching, pinching, sleepers, choking, and lots of CBT (cock & ball torture). Sadly, or happy lee, Zack’s trunks kept being yank-on a lot, and Zack’s privates are exposed several times. More than we have ever seen before. So, if you have ever wanted to see all of Zack, this is the one match you won’t want to miss
2023-05-21 13:54:10
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