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Draco watches the Russian Dimitri (22) during weight training. He makes fun of the light weight with which Dimitri trains his biceps. The situation escalates. Standing in front of each other, they proudly present their bodies and claim to be the stronger. Naturally, this dispute is settled by a wrestling match at Fightplace. Dimitri, who is new to Fightplace, has to adjust very quickly to the customs of the Fightplace fighters. Draco, who already has some experience in underground fighting, attacks very hard in the first few minutes. And that's where it hurts a lot. Dimitri suffers from the blows and grabs to his soft parts, which is clearly visible in his pain-distorted face. But he fights on and shows Draco that he has no problem with dirty fighting. Despite the hard and at times very aggressive nature of the fight, an erotic passion develops between the boys. Maybe they both like this tough style and therefore get very close to each other. In this fight, which lasted over an hour and was completely without breaks, dominance played a big role. We therefore get to see many hot schoolboy pins and so-called bully pins. Especially Draco in particular gives free rein to his dominant nature and likes to take Dimitri's head between his legs and get very close to his face ;-)
2023-02-17 16:54:42
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