BOYS BANK - BOB-021 【モニタリンG】CASE:06大人気!生田○真似大学生がマッサージルームにご来店!!

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I just want to eat straight guys! A new label created just for "those who just want to eat straight guys" [Monitorin G] CASE:06 (Massage)

This time, I asked a very popular and handsome college student who looks like Makoto Ikuta to monitor a new aromatic oil product. I asked him to drop by on his way home from school. First of all, I asked him to change into a thong for a massage and go to the massage table.

Then the perverted staff started the erotic pace again. The first thing he did was to change into a massage thong and go to the massage table.

Then I put my finger in the unopened hole and gently vibrated it until it became soft. It's a great way to get an erection, even if it hurts.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. It was twice as much as last time! The perverted staff member who tasted such a large amount of sperm and became horny rubbed his sperm on the handsome man's pre-cum and had him cum with his bare thighs! The staff's sperm was all over the pre-cum, and they were all smiling in confusion ^^;

I wonder if he'll come back to play with us again.

『ただノンケを喰いたい!!』だけの為に作られた新レーベル【モニタリンG】CASE:06 (マッサージ編)


そこからはまた変態スタッフのエロペース!彼も「またこうなっちゃうんですね笑」と苦笑い^^; そうです、そういう企画なんです笑 今回はどさくさに紛れて綺麗なアナルにフィーチャー♪まずはまだ誰にも汚されていないツルツルの匂い立つアナルの匂い、味を堪能。



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