Edward James - Romance and Savage Moore - 1080p

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Romance catches the ultra sexy Savage Moore stroking his cock in the gym showers. He admonishes Savage and proceeds to drag him out onto the gym floor naked to make him workout. Savage can’t help but stare at the perfect bulge in Romance’s shorts, barely listening to the lecture.

Savage lets Romance know that he doesn’t come to the gym to workout–all while continuing to stroke his own cock. When Romance asks what he comes to do, he responds bluntly “to suck some dick.”

Romance decides to give Savage what he came looking for and tells him “suck this dick!” as he pulls his already chubbed-up cock out. He guides Savage’s mouth to it from the back of his neck. Savage eagerly complies and begins a full throated, expert oral assault on the fast-growing meat.

Once he’s at full mast, Romance slides into Savage’s tight, hungry hole. This results in a very different kind of workout than the top intended, but one that builds up sweat nonetheless. After a hard bareback pounding in multiple positions, Savage ends this workout by milking a load out of Romance’s big, thick dick directly into his mouth.

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