MBZ - Elder Hardt Bishop Interview

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Every Preparation Day, Elder Hardt checks his email for new instructions from the brethren. But this week was different. He signed into his email and found just one message, from Bishop Angus. The subject line read, “Request for a Bishop’s interview with Elder Hardt.”

The men of the Order tapped Elder Hardt to find and prepare young men for the “harvest.” For months now Elder Hardt has been diligently recruiting his fellow missionaries. In the process, word has been getting around that Hardt has a highly unusual talent.

As the rumors went, Elder Hardt could literally spray his seed like a squirt gun while having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm.

It is also rumored that one of the triggers for this type of a “squirting orgasm” is having his prostate thoroughly pounded.

Of course, Bishop Angus was more than happy to go to town on Elder Hardt’s tail in pursuit of the truth.

Elder Hardt called and setup his appointment on PDay. Two days later he was sitting in the bishop’s office while his companion went on splits with the district missionaries. During the boy’s interview, the bishop stripped Elder Hardt and began working his backside.

Bishop Angus didn’t have to wait long to find out if the rumors were true. Sure enough, the young man sprayed his seed all over the bishop’s desk.

And then, well, his orgasms kept on going and he just kept on spraying.

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