Hand-in-Hand - Rough Trades (1977)

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This vintage gay sex film is billed as the "blue collar blue fantasy" when it was first released in 1977, the blue collars are worn (but not for long) by a taxi driver, a telephone installer, a handyman, an elevator repairman and a delivery man -- and then taken off by their rich host, in his penthouse apartment.

Constructed like a French farce, this is a film that succeeds at intentional humor, as the couples meet spontaneously and logically. Also, the cross-cutting, simultaneous sex action and good music combine to make an arousing film.

Directed by Jack Deveau before the age of safer sex, it features food sex, heavy ass fucking and ass play, large dicks, insatiable butts, macho and hairy men, uniforms, overalls, and an overall kaleidoscopic effect of sex and sexual combinations.

One of the real stars oft his movie is the sexy telephone repairman's asshole: which takes vegetables (celery, an eggplant, corn, a sausage, a phone receiver, and more, up his hole while trapped in the elevator with a deli worker.

Later, while working on the elevator, two men break from work to fuck. A huge, long and hard cock is devoured orally and then taken anally, as the photography presents an incredible series of anal closeups and pounding reality that'll make this segment hard to beat for ass men.

One Bijou reviewer wrote:

Originally shot on film and transferred onto video, some of the color is washed out, but the action does not suffer because of it. Director Jack Deveau's salute to the sexual excesses of the Me Decade is essential viewing for collectors of '70s porn. The entire film is beautifully shot, and ranges in tone from romantic to raunchy. Sometimes the word "classic" is used too lightly, but in this case it's entirely appropriate. Rough Trades is a shot-on-film feature from master director Jack Deveau, who along with his lover and collaborator Robert Alvarez (who edited this film) was responsible for some of the greatest gay porn to come out of the '70s.

Set in the rundown, sex-drenched New York City of the decadent Me Decade, this movie is short on plot. Instead, it offers up a handful of engrossing sex scenes, skillfully shot and inter cut to highly erotic effect. There's a great soundtrack throughout, with the sort blaring horns and psychedelic guitar that set the standard for what would come to be known as "porn music."

And then there's the sex: It's classic, unbridled '70s man-on-man action, with the guys fucking and sucking with raw abandon and stuffing their orifices with just about anything.

The movie opens immediately on a pair of guys having sex on a bed to the sound of a trippy electric guitar. The scene is artfully lit, with a bit of a blue tint. A cute blond is receiving a blow job. Deveau's camera lingers lovingly on his face to capture some erotic reaction shots as he receives head. Only about a minute passes before the blond announces that he has to go.

Very shortly, lean, fresh-faced Hugh Allen appears, all dapper in a period white leisure suit and oversized smoky shades. Hugh hooks up with his electrician, played by David Gorsky, a Freddie Mercury clone with a tighter bod. Allen lets Gorsky into his apartment, then retires to sunbathe on his rooftop deck, where he spies a couple of construction guys at work on a neighboring building.

Soon enough, Gorsky joins Allen. They share a joint, an almost essential element to any '70s flick, it seems, and start jerking each other off.

Deveau's camera moves in and out of the apartment, at times shooting through the glass doors and straight into the natural light, which results in a dream-like glow. Gorsky blows Allen while he reclines against the wall. The lack of detail might frustrate the average viewer accustomed to the stroke-by-stroke approach of contemporary porn, but the mood Deveau creates more than makes up for the sacrifice. Gorsky dives into Allen's butt, giving his furry crack a good licking before fingering it.

In the meantime, the construction workers have finished lunch and have started to fool around outside on the gritty rooftop, one dude standing down to blow the other. Both fellows are shaggy haired, and are seriously hung -- make no mistake about that.

Inside, the butt play comes to a close and Allen bids goodbye to Gorsky. The electrician enters the elevator and encounters an Brillo-headed grocery delivery man. The two get busy, and Grocery Guy plies Gorsky's asshole with a celery stalk. The hardhats meanwhile are doin' it doggy-style, in a segment that is cleverly intercut with shots of sparks flying in a foundry.

Back in the elevator, Gorsky's ass becomes a receptacle for more vegetation -- the shot is a little blurry, but it looks like an entire head of romaine lettuce!

Allen still has another round left in him of course. He moves to the deck and awaits the delivery boy, who appears with the grocery order after finishing his workout with Gorsky in the lift.

The entire scene is suffused with golden light; fuzzy assholes get probed and screwed, and the construction workers coat each other in cum. The film wraps up with a gorgeous credit sequence with gritty, blue-tinted shots of 1970s New York, set to a lilting piano soundtrack.

Deveau's masterful hand behind the camera pays off in spades. The moods he creates, from the softly focused romantic sequences to the hardcore kink segments, are palpable and arousing. Deveau's eye for subtlety keeps this film on track from the get-go to the credits.

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