The Rascal Joins the Wrestling Team (2001) Catalina C1R DVD

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DVD (folder) and mp4

director Josh Eliot

Brandon Weber
Buck Meadows
Chris Sullivan
Ethan Richards
Jacob Hayes
Mark Long (cv)
Ryan Scott (00s)
Tony Alvarez (00s)
N Jack O'Neill
N Sebastian Jaymz
N Sharon Kane
N Tony Fontana

N = Non-sexual role

Catalina presents the second release in our hugely popular Freshman Features Series of 18-22 year old spunksters; THE RASCAL JOINS THE WRESTLING TEAM.

Brandon Weber is back as the irascible Rascal, along with all the non-sexual extras that give the Rascal Features their charm; Sharon Kane, Tony Fontana, Mark Jensen, Desiree DeBaum, and Jack O'Neill.
If a YOUNG MAN ALERT! is something you're on the look out for, look out for THE RASCAL JOINS THE WRESTLING TEAM.

1. Brandon Weber, Mark Long, Tony Alvarez, Ryan Scott

2. Chris Sullivan, Marckollis

3. Jacob Hayes, Buck Meadows

4. Brandon Weber, Mark Long

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