Buddies 2

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Buddies2-Pt1 of 8
Freedy and Mike
Two rednick Buddieswo like a little R&R

Ted and Steve
Two handsome wokkin' guys running a construction business find that close quarters leads to more yhan simlpe comeraderie

Buddies2-Pt3 of 8
Henry and Kevin
One of my favourite lays.
Henry, helps a friend Kevin who;s having car trouble, One thing leadsto another and the lube job winds up in bed

Buddies2-Pt5 of 8
Mike and Robby
The carpet layer decides that something else needs to get layed, and that his assistant Robby  will just fill the bill.

Lee and Syeve
Ywo good old Rednick boys work to get down and get it up, Steve loves that big dick uphis ass.

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