TA - Mark Muscle and Frey vs Kid Romeo

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Mark Muscle and Frey vs Kid Romeo - Custom Video Series 64

- Mark Muscle and Frey are sitting on the sofa watching TV when Frey notices that their old High School Wrestling Team is planning a reunion on Facebook.  Both agree they should go, but Frey notices the reunion is being organised by Kid Romeo - who was kicked off the team for being too small and weak!  They both walk into the living room to find Kid Romeo on his laptop doing muscle poses for the Facebook page. They both joke with him for setting it up given his unfortunate history with the Team!  Kid Romeo tells them both to leave as he is about to do a live podcast for the Team in a few minutes - Mark Muscle and Frey decide to take advantage and pin Kid Romeo down and hijack his podcast. Frey comes up with the idea of putting a mask on Kid Romeo / duck taping his mouth and performing wrestle moves in front of the Team live with commentary! 

As the podcast goes live, Mark Muscle and Frey introduce themselves sitting on the couch with Kid Romeo in the middle and suggest the old team has to guess who it is they're performing moves on!  They both then begin dominating KR with head scissors / crabs / racks / school pins / headlocks and holds. 

Mark Muscle and Frey, whilst adding commentary, give clues who might be hidden under the bag - including his poor stamina and physique. A few guesses are made by a growing number of viewers from the old Team online!  Finally, Frey and Mark drop a big clue when they get a chair, sit Kid Romeo down in it and both take turns sitting on him....suggesting they both did this a lot to him back in High School! Finally viewers get the answer and respond with texts as to how awesome the podcast was! Kid Romeo is revealed! 

Frey and Mark then ask the podcast viewers whether they want to see them KO Kid Romeo - the response from viewers is yes! Both then KO Kid Romeo with the Kiss of Death sleeper one after the other! They finally say everyone from the Team should come to the reunion in a few weeks to see Kid Romeo suffer more! They finish the podcast with a back-to-back muscle pose they leave looking forward to the reunion leaving an unconscious Kid Romeo on the couch. 
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