IrmaosDotado: Tio Breno & Sebatian - Son Salved His Mother’s Marriage (480p)

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Released Oct 02, 2021

Uncle Breno’s marriage isn’t going very well, his wife Angel is no longer in the mood to have sex with her husband and tries to avoid as much as possible having sex with him, inventing the old excuse of headache and tiredness, leaving him at ease all the time nights. To try to meet her husband’s needs, Angel has a gay son named Sebastian and proposes that he has sex with his stepfather to satisfy his desires. Sebastian accepts his mother’s proposal and decides to do as she asked. In the next day, Angel calls Breno to talk and says he found a solution to solve their sexual problems. He is curious, so she calls her son Sebastian who kneels in front of his stepfather and starts sucking his dick, shocking him with the situation, but loving to feel the warm and soft mouth of his stepson sucking his delicious cock. The next day the stepfather already used to picking up his stepson goes to the bedroom horny and fucks so good the boy making him his little nasty in bed. October in Family at Irmãos Dotados is like that, full of delicious fetishes to satisfy your deepest desires.
2021-11-14 14:44:23
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