Defiant - You Want To Do What To Me

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A bevy of Defiant Exclusives and not-so-regular regulars pair up and find various ways to get each other off...only this time blowjobs aren�t gonna be enough! They want to stuff the turkey, pack some fudge and play bury the sausage! Resistance is futile! So plop down in your favorite chair, squirt out some lube and get ready to watch these eager dudes as they exclaim �You Want To Do What To Me!�.

Gunner & Rick
Gunner is watching some porn and Rick joins him on the bed. Soon they�re stripping off their clothes and blowing each other. After a little sixty-nine action Gunner mounts Rick and gives his ass a good pounding. Rick gets his turn to fuck Gunner�s ass then they both blow some messy loads.

Levi & Roar
Roar helps Levi with his bulging crotch and in no time they strip down and get with the program. Levi goes down on Roar making his cock nice and hard and then Roar returns the favor. After switching off on each other�s cocks Roar gives Levi�s ass a nice plowing. Levi shoots his load while his butthole is stuffed then Roar dumps his load on Levi.

Shane & Mason
Shane is watching some porn until Mason arrives then they pull out their stiff cocks. Mason goes down on Shane then Shane goes down on Mason and they continue to service each other. Mason pumps Shane�s ass until Shane blows his load then Mason jerks out his own creamy wad.

Gunner & Lucas
Lucas finds Gunner watching a porno and joins him. They stroke up some boners then Gunner and Lucas explore each others cocks with some expert lip service. Gunner turns Lucas over and fucks his tight ass until Lucas blows a huge load onto his stomach. Gunner strokes off a load onto Lucas.

Rock & Tek
Tek finds Rock jerking on his cock and joins him. Tek starts sucking on Rock�s cock and after some deep service Rock gives Tek some head. After a steamy sixty-nine Rock stuffs his own butthole with a sex toy and then stuff his cock into Tek�s ass. Rock explodes all over Tek�s face and then Tek erupts a creamy wad.


I think I have a fetish for boys with white socks....
By the way, just IN CASE you have bonus seeds to give me I'll remember your nicknames in my praye... hm, when I jerk off...
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