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Original upload: 2014-03-22 |
Chesko and Lukas try to fix the team bus in the repair shop. However, instead of working, Lukas keeps checking out his muscles, leaving Chesko do all the work alone, while he plays around with some dumbbells that are lying around. Of course, Chesko gets annoyed by that. At one point, he gets fed up with it, and he challenges Lukas to an arm wrestle, implying that, since he's posing as a strong guy, he'd better put it to the test. Chesko thinks that Lukas only pretends to be strong, and that he actually isn't any good. A hard arm wrestling match ensues, and initially it appears as if both guys were equally strong. But Lukas proves to be stronger than expected, and he beats Chesko. Then, without warning, Lukas grabs his opponent, and puts him into a headlock. Arm wrestling was not enough for him, he wants to fight! What follows is a battle that lasts for almost an hour, with many scissors and schoolboy pins, where both wrestlers let their muscles come into play. Lukas almost smothers Chesko with his strong leg muscles. Chesko retaliates by slapping Lukas while he sits on his belly, and Lukas avenges himself with hard ball grabs. An intense battle with extensive ground action and prolonged holds.
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