BeefcakeHunter - Hung Jack treat or trick

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I had to travel all the way to central Florida to meet this hung beefcake!
Jack has a delicious 9? cock that I called it “monster cock” just in time for Halloween, I know .. I know but you guys know for me ,that my height is 5’5, 9? is a monster! hahah but you guys know that is not my first ( and I hope no my last) but I still was amazed by this particular one , I guess because it belongs to a slim guy like Jack.
Beefcake Jack is very sexual and he has been in a long relationship with his girlfriend, and they both enjoy kinky sex, but she was out of town for week or so and Jack needed to keep his “monster” wet by a pussy mouth, ..besides the extra bucks are welcome to party this Halloween weekend…
I started by slowly placing my playful hands under his shorts and I got him hard so quick! that I make him “suffer” for a little before unveiling his nice tool, and then I went straight to his cock head, skipping my usual playing with testicles …but I did that a little later, this beginning was so intense that he had to tell me to slow down because he was about to “cum” too soon, it was REALLY hard for me to stop, but for the sake of the video I hold myself but no for so long!…at the end he rewards me with a big load that I swallow and with the left overs I treat myself with a facial…I hope you guys enjoy Jack trick or treat!

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2015-11-01 05:29:35
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