BarebackThatHole - Preston Johnson & Kyle Savage

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By now Prestons Johnson's deep throating talent has spread throughout all the models on the video shoot and Kyle Savage was eager to test him out. As soon as these hot beefy men got naked Kyle did not waste anytime shoving his cock deep in Preston's mouth and the rumours were right! Kyle was in face fucking heaven. While Preston was busy on Kyle's daddy cock, Kyle was busy fingering this boys used slut hole and getting it ready for more fucking. However it had already been used by all the other models so it was just spit and shove and start pumping this boys ass. Kyle was in love with Preston's ass so much he spent most of these scene just fucking it! A nice juicy daddy load leaks out of this slut hole when Kyle finally does pull out!

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2013-08-02 17:07:37
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