Men’s Rush TV – 高身長黒髪イケメンを独占!オイル漬けにして生中出し! – GONA-361

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The tall, black-haired, good-looking guy who agreed to a fashion check last time is back! This time, he asked us to give him an oil massage. The masked man's technique makes his dick erect and he tastes the thick blowjob.
After he gets on all fours and unties her asshole, he inserts his thick cock into her in the normal position! This is the first time in his life that he has ever had his ass penetrated, but the masked man continues to swing his hips without any hesitation! As he continues to swing his hips in the normal position, the black-haired hottie is about to come. He keeps on shaking his hips in the normal position, and the black-haired hottie is about to cum! Seeing this, the masked man is also at the peak of his excitement! After shaking his hips like an animal, he gets his usual thick cumshot!

His ass is dripping with thick cum! I feel like I'm cumming twice as much as usual lol!

前回ファッションチェックに応じてくれた高身長黒髪イケメンが再登場!今回はオイルマッサージをお願いしちゃいます★さっそくパンツ一枚になってもらい施術台の上に寝てもらうと何故か覆面マスクマンがオイルマッサージw(これは期待w)エロい手つきで黒髪イケメンの色白BODYにオイルを塗りたくっていき肩から体にかけてゆっくりと揉み解しながら手は次第に下半身へ…マスクマンのテクニックにチンポはすぐに勃起し、濃厚フェラを味わっちゃいます( ´∀`)

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