Citebeur - Quartier Chaud 6

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You're not born a brute, you become one ! Le Marseillais, Malik, Cagoule94 and Anis all share the same story: from an early age, they felt the need to dominate other guys, to impose respect and obedience. In the Hot District, they quickly noticed all these little gays staring at their tracksuits, fantasizing about their big Arab cocks. They could've gotten angry, but they preferred fucking them ! Months have passed and they've become tireless fuckers, dispensing unlimited ropes of cum. In Quartier Chaud 6, the bottoms crave to spread their thighs more than ever. Their arab masters are not going to miss them, unceremoniously banging them in all of Paris' banlieue most discreet squats. Young Alex Tivoli has to watch and learn: integrated in the ass wrecker gang, he'll have to work twice as hard to make the sluts squeal, like a boss !
2023-05-27 00:21:23
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