Masqulin: Dante Colle & Michael Boston - Caught Raw-Handed, pt 1 (720p)

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Released Oct 15, 2020

Top police detective Adam Russo, while investigating the alarming rise of catfish scams in his jurisdicktion, is interviewing locals who’ve been tricked or misled by potential hook-ups. Michael Boston, the first to cum forward, details a violating experience he recently had with “Peeping Tom” Dante Colle. It seems that Dante had been prowling around Michael's back door for weeks, forcing Michael to take matters — and Dante’s thick cock — into his own hands. Not one to be played, Michael describes to Detective Russo how he turned the tables on Dante, forcing his backyard stalker to eat and fuck his perfect ass with increasingly aggressive commands. Michael may have started out as the victim of a street-wise predator, but, after catching Dante raw-handed, the taste of creamy white revenge was the only thing on Michael’s lips.
2020-10-15 11:16:18
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