Gay Patrol - Illegal Bike Racers got more than they bargained for

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Dec 6, 2016
We found a gang of bikers, racing through the back alleys of the hood. We chased them down to break up this illegal gathering. They were hostile and kicked the police car and flicked us off. They even made us chase them through the neighborhood. Luckily one member had bike issue and we were able to take him down. He resisted arrest, but we got him into the back of the squad car. Then we took him back to the precinct for interrogation. He didn’t give us much information on his possies whereabouts or identification. But we were able to extract one useful piece of info. He loves to suck cock and take cop dick in his ass. I think he can be an asset to us as an informant.
2016-12-16 04:25:35
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