Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Cum Ons 4 - Yours To Have

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Stars :
Darien Leon, Diego Lozano, Flavo De Silva, Flavo Desilva, Leon Pavia, Llucas De Donas, Manuel Jacques, Nicholas Ramirez, Nicolas Ramirez, Rafael Menendez
Categories :
Anal, Latin, Oral
Description :
Brazilian Cum Ons 4: Yours To Have: Horny Brazilian studs show off their stiff cocks and their perfect tight assholes in this 2 hour butt banging, dick sucking extravaganza!
In just a towel and a necklace, Flavo de Silva and his gorgeous bod prepare breakfast for his equally tight boyfriend, Darien Leon. The terry all but pops off of Flavo, since it couldnt stand a chance against his thick boner, which Darien dutifully sucks with lots of licking. Darien has a fun curving cock, but its all tasty to Flavo. Watch Dariens face adore the blowjob. Darien fucks Flavo confidently, the whole strange-shaped piece fitting into Flavor perfectly. Flavo lays Darien down on the table to fuck him, sliding effortlessly around in his ass. All this grand exercise and before breakfast!

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