BeefCakeHunter – Blowing a cute bull rider – Allan

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Blowing a cute bull rider could be a fantasy of many; I know that blowing a cowboy was one of mine, but I did that already with Beefcake Arnold, and now with Beefcake Allan, I think I have covered both fantasies in one ??

It is hard to believe that baby-face Beefcake Allan is a proud Professional Bull Rider. He suffered an accident last year riding a bull that left his left leg with a lesion, and that is why his perspective of life changed a bit and made him incursion in riding at cocksucker here at the BCH arena. For sure I won’t cause him any accident!

Talking with him about his sexual life, he stated that he has multiple girlfriends and had sex just one day before, which worried me. You guys know that I always tell the Beefcakes that before coming to BeefCakeHunter Land, they should bring their balls sacks loaded with at least two days of cum, but it seems that he was very confident in delivering the goods ??

Blowing a cute bull rider with multiple GFs and only one day load presented a challenge. It took me a little while to get him to the zone, and even after that, he was trying to concentrate on the pussy porn playing. But his soft moaning and glances at my servicing were hot! Besides, I was pretty busy enjoying his big balls!

I needed to shake things up, so I made him stand up and feel more in charge. That did work because he gave me a few serious face-fucking moments, something that I was not expecting to be honest with you guys ??

A few minutes later, I jerked him off while kissing his balls and sucking him, to the point that he asked me not to stop, and then he shot a huge load worth presenting from both angles!

I hope you guys enjoy this video of Blowing a cute bull rider.
2023-05-26 01:28:01
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