CMNM (20-29)

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CMNM 20 (Salik): Salik is looking to make some extra money having recently arrived in the UK and living as a poor student. Before arriving he served in the army where he became a hardened man. He has more experience talking about sex with his buddies than he has actually doing it. His broad chest makes an impressive sight and it's easy to imagine him loading a gun in record time under the stern command of some pervy sergeant.
CMNM 21 (Noah):Noah is dragged into detention by the ear. He’s full of arrogance and completely unrepentant for his mischievous behaviour. He needs a firm hand. We restrain him while groping and unclothing him. A swift smack with a cane to his big round pale bottom makes him instantly more compliant. It only takes a few tugs to his floppy cock to get it pointing up stiff as a board.
CMNM 22 (Barry):It's concentrated heavily around his silky foreskin and his tight pink arsehole. His dick is so long we can tickle that hole with his own tender cockhead. What really drives us wild is making him crawl naked on our office floor like a cock hound begging to please us. All the while verbally reminding him of his submissive place.
CMNM 23 (Steve): The big guy grudgingly offers them exclusive access to every inch of his naked body with lots of cheeky groping from the clothed men. Fresh from working out, his body was covered with fresh clean sweat and emanating pheromones which drove the pervy men into a frenzy. They took total control of his body and taught this dumb straight fuck how to submit naked to a group of true professionals.
CMNM 24 (Allen): There's nothing like the smell of a man's virgin arsehole. Big muscular Allen has a particularly resistant hole and it felt so amazing working past his natural resistance.
CMNM 25 ¿?
CMNM 26 (Dimi):Dimi is so compliant, crouching down before we even entered the room. It’s horny seeing this straight man offer up his arsehole so willingly. One whiff of that sweet sweaty arse crack and we were ready to fuck him. Although he’s too polite to vocalize his surprise, notice the shocked expression when we first finger his arsehole and then slide a dildo up him. His response to this treatment was incredible as his cock went incredibly stiff.
CMNM 27 (Josh): This afternoon the clothed dominant men at had the pleasure of sampling a stunning 18 year old footballer. Josh is tattooed, in fantastic physical shape and has the most penetrating eyes you’ve ever seen. This tough guy keeps his cool by barely ever showing any discomfort or anger as the pervy men maul his naked body from head to toe, making him their obedient naked young slut. Straight Josh had the nerve-wracking experience of having three men climb all around his body as if he were a jungle gym.
CMNM 28 (Chris): Like Chris strut around the streets like they own the place. He steals what he likes and teases us with his trousers hanging low showing off his arse. It’s time we took action and the dominant clothed men at start by cornering Chris in the locker room and conducting a thorough strip search to see if he’s stolen from Dave.
Having only recently become a legal adult, Chris doesn’t want a mark on his police record so reluctantly submits to having his cock, balls and asshole examined.
The cheeky bastard talks back to the men who’ve surrounded him so they have to give him a firm lesson in how to submit to his superiors by using his pert hairy ass for ther their perverted pleasure. This naughty naked boy is fully trained in how to please a group of clothed dominant men
CMNM 29 (Dan): There is no better training for this delinquent young lad than to strip him, make him serve, fuck him with a dildo and drain him of his sperm. Having never been sexually touched by a man before, straight Daniel finds it incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing being groped, sniffed and penetrated. But he’s overwhelmed by three older and stronger clothed men who know exactly what they want out of him. Whether he likes it or not, Daniel has to fucking take it.
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