Freshmen Issue #307 part 1 and 2

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Tom Houston & Bart Cuban part 1

We first meet Tom Houston and Bart Cuban on a couch together checking an injury to Tom's wrist. Bart seems a little worried when hearing the story of how it happened, but this is soon forgotten when Tom takes off his pants. Bart starts to kiss and play with Tom and before long his hard cock is inside Tom's mouth. After mutual blowjobs, Tom is ready to penetrate Bart's sexy butt. The hot sex isn't over until they both shoot big loads of cum.

Tom Houston & Bart Cuban part 2

Knowing Tom Houston and Bart Cuban as we do, it's not surprising to discover that they decided to continue exploring one another after their first steamy session. Now it's time to swap roles and let Bart focus his full attention on Tom's gorgeous ass. After their towels drop to the floor, we are ready for round two. Tom and Bart are both excellent lovers and their flip-flop videos are never less than pleasing to the eye.
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