Barron Works Out Chris

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If we had a nickel for every e-mail asking us to get Barron to top Chris, we'd have a mountain of nickels!

The request totally makes sense, and I've been just as excited to see that pairing as everyone who's written in about it! Barron's a hung, studly top and Chris is an insatiable, eager bottom. Barron and Chris had gotten to play together in a threesome before, but we'd never been treated to the sight of them in one-on-one action for a number of reasons. Barron had been gone for awhile, just as Chris was hitting his stride in guy/guy action. As soon as Barron returned (looking hotter than ever, mind you!), Chris was super busy with other stuff so couldn't come out to film for awhile.

Well, the stars have finally aligned and we managed to get Barron and Chris out at the same time, in the gym at the same time, naked at the same time, and playing with one another. And just as we all knew would be the case, the results of this pairing are outrageously hot. It'd seem these two were looking forward to the chance to have the other all to themselves just as much as we'd all been looking forward to seeing that happen!
2023-07-08 19:01:37
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