Pau Brasil - Brazilian Heatwave

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This is not the same video as the one with the identical title from Pacific Sun.

Director: Pietro
Studio: Pau Brasil Productions
Starring: Andre, Francisco, Jonathon, Gustavo, Gabriel, Ronald, Denis, Flavio, X Max
In Brazilian Heatwave, it's the Brazilian men who are causing global warming! The hot Brazilian climate triggers a heat wave of hot and sweaty sex! First, housekeeper Andre offers gardener Francisco a cool glass of water, the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation that leads to Andre topping Francisco! Then, Jonathan searches for something to refresh himself on a hot day, and Gustavo is perfect to quench his thirst for hot sex! Jonathan tops Gustavo in several hot positions! Next, Gabriel tans himself poolside when Ronald offers to apply some lotion. As a reward for his thoughtfulness, Ronald is topped in ways that are beyond his wildest dreams! Then, the weather changes and Denis, Flavio and X Max are caught by surprise. They gather close to a fireplace where the 3 way begins! Flavio is plugged first by X Max, and just after that by Denis. In the end, Denis tops X Max and after that, X Max gets topped by Denis, but not before a great 3-way sandwich!

Enjoy the show.

2011-02-12 14:43:11
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