SouthernStrokes - Casey (Video + Photoset)

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Collin set me on a ginger tear here at Southern Strokes so we sent back through the archives searching for other country boys sporting the light skin and slaming red hair. Our Lot Lizard Casey lets us all know exactly what happens when a ginger boy gets bored in the country.

Casey is a talker so it wasn't long before the stories started a cumming. One of the greatest things about a true country boy is that their momma done taught them not to lie so when you ask them to tell you a story about the craziest place you've had sex, you know your gonna hear it exactly like it was.

Most of Casey's stories were about his fucking antics with girls but true to just about every Southern boy I've met, there were a few stories where country boys were just being country boys. 6'3" Casey is a big Ginger boy but he has a shy flirting natural disposition. It makes you wanna bend him over and fuck him like a rag doll.

Casey started teasing us through his clothes before he peeled off his shirt revealing a nice red furry trail from his chest down to his goodness. Casey was enjoying the audience as much as anything so his cock was busting thru his shorts, just demanding some fresh air. Casey spread his legs as he laid back, giving us a taste of what's to cum. Casey tugged on his balls and teased his hole as he jerked out a fresh load of southern boy juice.

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