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Elder Ivy sat in President Oaks' office, resigned to his fate. He had a reputation for being somewhat of a troublemaker and was sure that he was being sent home.

Well, he wasn't exactly sure, but he didn't know what else to think. Last week he had been called in for a worthiness interview. At the end of the interview his mission president put a thin binder in front of him and asked him to open it. When he did he was shocked to see an image of a beautiful naked man with a huge erection jutting out in front of him.

His mission president asked him if he had ever looked at images like this before. But he was too engrossed in his fantasizing about the picture to hear the question.

Several seconds went by in silence. "Just as I suspected," was all his president said before reaching across the table, closing the binder and telling him that the interview was over.

And just like that the interview was, in fact, over. What did his mission president mean?

He couldn't stop thinking about it, and then yesterday he was told that he and his companion would go on splits so he could report to the temple for yet another interview!

The situation made him scared but also frustrated. The problem was he'd always had an issue with authority figures and didn't like when he wasn't in charge. In his mind, he was just as smart or strong as anyone else. He didn't see the value in submitting to someone else. In most places this would be typical of an 18 year old. As a Mormon missionary, however, this was unacceptable.

As he sat aloof, slouched and trying to appear cool and disinterested, President Oaks sought inspiration. He reviewed the guidelines and exact language spelled out by the brethren for extending the calling to a young man to join the higher priesthood order.

President Oaks didn't mind making the boy wait. He knew Ivy's type well; he wasn't the first teenager he'd dealt with who needed to learn to submit. In fact, these boys were his favorite.

After a period of silence, Oaks closed his handbook and looked over at Elder Ivy. He smiled as he continued.

"Elder Ivy, today is your calling. You've been invited to join the Order." Ivy had no idea what the Order was, but he was relieved that he wasn't being dismissed. The young man's attention was piqued, completely surprised by the unexpected invitation, and instantly desperate to know what this Order was.

"Please stand up," Oaks instructed. "I want you to undress... slowly."

Elder Ivy obeyed, feeling himself becoming aroused. As he undressed, he could see Oaks carefully observing him. He found President Oaks incredibly handsome, and now, in this setting, he suddenly wanted to do exactly as he was told.

There was something about his tone that was different than other priesthood leaders... somehow seductive. Once Ivy was down to just his garments, the president stood up and came behind him, gently grabbing at him all over, inspecting him top to bottom.

It was a little strange and humiliating to be so blatantly objectified.

As President Oaks' touching continued and became more sensual, Ivy's heart began to race. Oaks stood close behind him, smelling the boy's neck and resting his hands on Ivy's hips. Ivy had been undressed in front of his superiors before, but this felt different. He was exposed and vulnerable. And he was beginning to like it.

Bringing his hands to the front of his body, Oaks began to sliver them under the shirt of Ivy's garments. His fingers trailed along his perfect, flat, toned stomach. They also grazed over his crotch, feeling his cock stiffen with each gesture.

President Oaks, too, became fully aroused as he could sense Ivy's heart racing. Without even displaying the full extent of his sexual power, he'd commanded the attention and desire of this willful teenager.

He pulled off Ivy's shirt and shorts slowly, fully bringing his nakedness to bear. Fully undressed, the boy became completely obedient and submissive; so much so that President Oak's grabbed his hardening cock, feeling the boy's heart pulse through his member.

Smiling, the President instructed, "On the desk, on your hands and knees."

Almost as if hypnotized, Ivy responded, "Yes, sir."

It was strange for him to be so deferential and compliant. He was enjoying this and couldn't explain why. He always enjoyed doing things that were wrong, but this time it wasn't him breaking the rules: it was President Oaks.

Getting up on his desk, he faced Oaks and began to take in just how hot he was. With his silver hair, fresh tan, and classically handsome features, he was a daddy fantasy brought to life. But before he could really let his gaze linger, President Oaks firmly pushed his head down.

Oaks' hands caressed and massaged his back and neck while Ivy remained in position. His hands traveled under the boy's body and back to his genitals, handling him like he was a piece of property being inventoried.

He didn't know what he was supposed to do, but felt instinctively that he wanted to please the president. Nothing in that moment seemed more important to him than being a prized object. And as Oaks moved behind him to gaze at his hole, he got his evaluation.

"Isn't that pretty..."

The president wet his fingers and massaged Elder Ivy's hole, teasing it and tickling it. Ivy began to moan, feeling the pleasure that came from this manipulation. Oaks took a hand to the boy's hanging cock and gently stroked him, causing his hole to tighten and pucker on the tip of his finger.

Continuing to toy with him, President Oaks found the boy's hole relaxing slightly more and more. At first just able to place his finger on the surface, but now it was finding a path inside. As his finger gently penetrated the boy's sphincter, Oaks' eyes closed, savoring the warm feeling of the young man's ass.

"That's it, take me in," President Oaks whispered encouragingly, exuding raw sexuality in his tone.

Hearing Oaks' voice opened Ivy up even more and not just physically. Ivy wanted to take him and taste him and please him. He was practically panting like a dog to feel Oaks cock inside him.

Oaks moved behind his desk and ordered Ivy to stand. As soon as both his feet were on the ground, the handsome older man grabbed him by the face and kissed him gently. The boy's knees went weak. Were it not for the desk he was leaning against, Ivy felt he could have fallen over.

President Oaks then bent the boy hard over his desk, exposing his hole to him once more. Ivy arched his back to show off his prize ass while Oaks began to unbuckle his belt.

"Wanna see what's going inside you?" President Oaks asked playfully. Ivy nodded and looked back, eager to see what this handsome man had for him.

As Oaks pulled down his pants and garments, he teased out his thick, full, delicious cock. It swung out from his garments as its tip glistened with a drip of pre-cum. Before he could stare at it longer, Oaks squeezed out some lube on himself and stood in position behind him.

President Oaks' cock pressed right up to his hole and immediately found its way inside. Ivy grabbed the edge of the desk tightly as he braced himself for the president's fucking. He couldn't contain his moaning as it filled him deep, pounding up against his swelling prostate.

Ivy's grip on the desk tightened as Oaks pumped faster and deeper. The handsome man intensely and aggressively pounded Elder Ivy, using him like his own personal fuck hole...

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