Steve Dungeon - Mechanic Boy : Session 21

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Mechanic boy first visited my Dungeon in mid 2006 and he has been back for a number of sessions since then. I could tell right from the beginning that this boy had LOTS of potential for training as one of my slave boys. Since he loves working on his cars, I decided that Mechanic boy was an appropriate boy name. This boy is tall, slim, smooth and has a nice package in his crotch! I particularly enjoy his big, low hanging nuts! You'll be seeing plenty of this boy in the months to come!

Water Sports: Nothing establishes my control over a boy like marking him as my property. I do this regularly with a few of my "special" boys, but very seldom video tape and post the action. The up-tight credit card companies have a problem with this kind of play....go figure! But I just couldn't resist video taping and posting this session. I didn't have a lot of the yellow liquid (p*ss, of course) to share with Mechanic boy....but I managed to give him more than enough to taste and smell....and to confirm his submission to SIR. At one point I unloaded on one of my sweaty socks and then stuffed the soaking wet sock down his throat. At the end, I wrapped him up in the yellow plastic and made him marinate in SIR's bodily fluids. And then boy was forced to clean up the mess.....using his tongue and mouth.

Suck and Fuck:  love mounting Mechanic boy in my sling and plowing his tight boy ass! This boy is primarily a top in his boring life outside of my dungeon. So when I get him stung up with his legs spread and his asshole lubed up....he is always a fun fuck. Lots of moaning and squirming....just like I like it. He did some deep throating before the fuckfest. And then I did some deep ass probing with my cock. 

Fucked, Milked, Punished: I started off this milking session by stringing up boy's balls using my ball noose. And then I set in for a long term cock tease and milk. Eventually I "forced" a spectacular orgasm/ejaculation out of Mechanic boy. And now the fun really began. I stretch his freshly spermed balls up with my noose and proceed to tease and torture his oh-so-sensitive cock! That's really mean! Good
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