Cocky Boys - Rick Nolan

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Rick is the type of guy that every gay dude beats off to while dreaming of sucking his dick. He's the quiet type that your mama warned you about. I met him at a sex party when I was in Montreal. There were two guys on their knees sucking his dick while he was checking some random shit on his phone as if they weren't even there. From time to time he'd smack the “bitches” (as he likes to call them) and spit on them to make sure they behaved and were well soaked in his juices by the time he was ready to cover them with his load. Shooting his jizz into those hungry bitch-mouths was his birth-given right and he totally owned it. He was the ultimate cockyboy but in a very subtle way. I knew I had to have him on the site. Long story short- Rick is in my room and I'm explaining to him how it's all gonna go down. Then he slowly looked at me and in a quiet voice said: “Did I say you can speak, bitch? You're not getting this, are you? I call the shots here, bitch. You're gonna watch me take my clothes off, then I'm gonna jerk off, and then you're gonna pay me and thank me. You got that, bitch? Don't make me repeat myself. Now hurry that shit up cuz my bitches are waiting outside. You got 5 minutes.” I plan on having him back very soon. Think I'm gonna throw a couple power bottoms at him and see what happens... In the meantime, meet Rick! And don't forget to thank him when you're done, bitches!

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