COAT – Hello! 優里 – COAT1698

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Release Date: 2023-02-10
2023 is off to a great start! The young college student "Yuri, 18 years old" is making a strong debut from Hello!
She has firm abs and a toned, smooth body! Her seemingly cool atmosphere sometimes spills over into a super pure and innocent face! She has a long cock that does not match her childish face!

She is led by her senior, Aozora, to have sex with a boy for the first time, and then she experiences the devil's torture, where she develops sexual senses that she didn't even know she had! She is also the first to co-star with gorgeous models such as Yuhei from the very popular "TWINS" and Taisho from "Hello!

This 4-part highly erotic document captures all of Yuuri's "sexual" length that is gradually blossoming!

1. Yuri's first fuck with Aozora!
Her tight and smooth BODY is revealed in the body check!
Aozora searches for her sexual zone to help Yuri who says she doesn't know where she can feel!
When her small nipples are carefully and deliberately tortured, a different sensation from tickling is awakened. ......
Aozora also daringly tries her hand at sucking for the first time and shows off her tongue to Aozora's great satisfaction!
He gets his long cock erect and inserts it into Aozora's ass for the first time!
How is a man's ass? It feels good. ......
Aozora is confused by her first pleasure, but she can't stop shaking her hips, and she can't stop getting fucked!
Yuuri also makes his long cock bulging and ejaculates a thick cumshot!

2. sexual development of Yuuri! Yuuri's sexual development!
This time, we are going to develop Yuuri's sexual senses!
Checking all over her body with an electric cable! She is so sensitive that she can't help but jerk off!
A toy is inserted into her tight anus, but somehow her cock is still erect!
He cock is being handled by an electric masturbator! Just when he is about to come, he is mercilessly stopped!
When asked "Do you want to come? She nodded her head and said, "Yes! She nodded her head and climaxed with a loud cry and he finishes!

3. "TWINS" Yuuhei's thick play makes Yuuri's body and mind melt.
Yuuhei's tongue carefully crawls on her belly from his thick kiss to her tight abs, and her crotch is immediately stiffened up!
Yuhei's cock is so big, can it go all the way in? Yuhei tries to take Yuuri's long cock deep into his mouth!
Yuuri returns the favor by sucking Yuuhei's cock!
They are both cumming with each other's cock! Finally, Yuuri gets fucked for the first time!
She looks like she is in a lot of pain, but her virgin ass is gradually awakened!
Yuhei thrusts up from below, and his cock bounces up and down!
Yuuhei is so crazy about his long cock that Yuuri comes all at once!
Yuuri's first cumshot and cleaning blowjob!

Yuuri and Daisho have an erotic game showdown! Yuuri and Daisho play an erotic game!
Yuuri and Daisho play an erotic game against each other!
Which one of them will be the winner of the ass-pumping endurance race?
The winner gets a blowjob, which should have been the winner's privilege, but before you know it they are licking each other's asses .......
Yuuri gets her ass pumped hard by Daisho's cock and gets her ass played with!
She gets fucked hard by Daisho's cock and gets fucked in the ass! Yuuri gets fucked hard and gets fucked hard by Daisho!
Daisho is also excited by the sight of Yuuri's ass! She even gets her face white-colored with a face-shot and gets a blowjob to clean her up!
She also takes a shower to recap the filming!

2023年好発進!! ウブカワ大学生「優里・18才」Hello!から鮮烈デビュー!!
コリコリの腹筋に引き締まったツルスベBODY! 一見クールな雰囲気から時折こぼれる超×2ピュアな素顔! 童顔に似つかわぬ立派な長チン!!

先輩・蒼空にリードされる初タチセックスから、自身も知らなかった性感を開発されてしまう魔の責め体験!! そして大人気作「TWINS」悠平や「Hello!」大翔ら豪華単体モデルとの初共演!!


1. 蒼空に責められ始まる優里の初タチFUCK!!

2. 優里の性感開発!! アナルの快楽に身悶えるオモチャ責め!!
電マを使いカラダ中を入念にチェック!! 思わずビクっと動いてしまう敏感反応!!
電動オナホで勃起チンコを扱かれまくり!! 思わずイきそうになったところで無情の寸止め!!

3. 「TWINS」悠平の濃厚プレイに身も心もとろける優里の初ウケFUCK!!
兜合わせでお互いギンギン! 遂に優里の初掘られ!!

4. 優里と大翔がエロゲーム対決!! 同い年にガン掘られ!!
その姿に大翔も興奮!! 優里の顔面を白く染め上げる顔射から、しっかりお掃除フェラまで敢行!!
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