KM Studios - Planting His Seed

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Alex, a young cowboy from Eastern Europe likes to roam the range. Rustling up some new young country boy cock is what he does for fun. In his travels throughout the farmlands, Alex meets up with a young Euro twink farm hand that can’t seem to get enough of his throbbing cowboy cock. Riding his young stallion, Alex brings them both to momentous climax with his powerful thrusts and tough, bone riding fucking style. Back on the range after his wild farmhand ride, Alex soon meets up with a young woodsman who has a log of a cock that he wants sucked. Alex, quite willing to oblige, eagerly sucks the woodsman’s cock until it explodes in a cum river down his throat. Truly a new perspective on the old western classics that proves the saying...You can take the cowboy out of his home, but you can’t take the homo out of the cowboy!

Studio Name: KM Studios
Director: Keith Manheim
Categories: Cowboy, Twink, Anal 
Duration: 01:24:50 (hh:mm:ss)
Video: 720x480 (HQ RIP), 30fps, .wmv

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