Jalif Studio - Toilet Slaves (flv)

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Toilet Slaves

Studio: Jalif Studio

Year: 2011

Duration: 120mins

Director: Jalif

Performers: Kid Barraca, Manuel Roko, Ger Rodr�guez, Billy Baval, Kid Chocolate, Luck Ass, Ricky Silva, Jhony C, Jota Salaz


Jalifstudio presents TOILET SLAVES, a movie shot in the dirtiest toilets of Barcelona, with 9 filthy pigs pissing and fucking non-stop!

Kid Barraca is waiting in the toilet of a sex club for someone to piss in his fucking mouth, when Manuel Roko shows up.

Not much later Ger Rodr�guez arrives. Kid & Manuel jump on his huge cock which spits gallons of piss all over them.

Ger leaves them soaking wet. Right after that, they tie Kid Barraca up and fuck him with no mercy.

Jhony C spends his time in any toilet he can find, waiting for a bastard to piss on him, when Billy Baval turns up.

Without a doubt, Johny gets on his knees and swallows his huge cock & gallons of piss while Billy gives him a good spanking. Billy fucks him all over the place.

Watch out for this new hunk, he�s not to be missed!

Luck Ass is waiting in the bathtub of Barcelona�s D-arness Club for someone to give him what he deserves.

Kid Chocolate will give him what he�s looking for: some good pissing, rubber boots and a good fuck in his hungry ass! Do not miss Master Chocolate giving muscle hunk Luck Ass (our latest discovery) the fuck of the century!

Jota Salaz can�t help being a toilet slave. He spends most of his time going from toilet to toilet looking for cocks to quench his thirst. Ricky Silva (another Jalifstudio discovery) shows us how to treat a greedy slave like Jota Salaz, and he really does give us a lesson!
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