tickledhard - Brent

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After several attempts, Franco convinces Brent, one of the str8 guys who mows his lawn each week, to take a break and come inside for an extra job. He's fooled around a little with Brent before, but today Franco strings Brent up in his living room so he can tickle him all over. Franco pulls off Brent's shorts and tickles his sides and exposed armpits, making him giggle and jump around. Brent tries to pull himself up and spin away, but he's trapped now! Franco tickles Brent's furry thighs and pits and spanks his ass, toying with Brent's vulnerable, naked body. And Brent loves it! Franco wraps his arm around Brent and tickles him into uncontrolled fits of animal laughter. Brent closes his eyes and surrenders to the tickle ecstasy, laughing until he's dripping with sweat.
2013-09-17 09:24:46
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