CM1301 - Troi Solo [1080p]

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Rel. Oct. 29 2013

Silas referred Troi to me. They have been working-out together, and after he saw Troi's cock in the shower, he hinted around that he should do porn. Turns out Troi knew his cock was Super-Sized, and had always thought he should give it a try.

You just have to watch 3 minutes of him playing with his hard cock, before you quickly realize how perfect he is for doing porn. He of course wants to be doing straight porn, but I also get the feeling he is quite happy being appreciated by either sex.

His cock is over 9 inches of Puerto Rican uncut foreskin goodness, and it looks to be more than a mouthful.

He seems down for trying to do "more" so I will get him on the massage table for a proper rub.

Since it is Monster Cock Week, you won't have to wait long!

2023-02-16 22:07:58
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