Cum Filled Manholes 1 - 4 [AVI]

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Cum Filled Manholes 1
Satyr Films (2007)
132 mins / 1.76 Gb / AVI

Mark is a hot Straight Frenchman that wanted to try learn more about his hole. Who else would he contact but the Satyr team to make his dream come true? This cum bucket was truly amazing. After a couple of minutes it opened up for us and so of course, we went to work. He confessed to us that now he actually prefers a real cock instead of a dildo. This straight dude's manhole got so wide, I really wanted to play quarters off his bubble butt and right into that sweet cave ! "Thanks Mark, for being our European fuck buddy!

Cast:  Antonio, Mark, T.J., Erin, Rock 

Director: Chad Ryan, Nick Cutts 

Genre: Amateur, Bareback, Muscles, Toys


Cum Filled Manholes 2
Satyr Films (2007)
101 mins / 1.12 Gb / AVI

Kamrun is one hot piece of Half-Straight Ass. In desperate need of money, this stud let us explore the ins and outs of his beautiful hole. It's been awhile since we heard such hot, masculine sounds from a half-straight guy taking a Satyr cock where the sun don't shine. This Black stud got the fucking of his life, and still made it on time for dinner at his girlfriend's parent's house in Burbank, CA. Kamrun told us later that he has always fantasized about hiding a thick cock inside his bubble butt! Guess his dream came true!

Cast:  Kamrun, Rock Bottom, Antonio, Ian, Mario, Baxter Jones 

Director:  Chad Ryan, Nick Cutts 

Genre:  Amateur, Bareback, Creampies, Cumshots


Cum Filled Manholes 3
Satyr Films (2008)
138 mins / 1.87 Gb / AVI

Chad Rock is a sexy, masculine straight man we met in San Francisco. He was the bouncer at a club on Market Street. We found out that he has a wife and is expecting a little one soon. In a short conversation with him we convinced him to allow us to explore his straight ass for a large sum of money.

Cast:  Chad Rock, Brandon Bash, John Adams, Rock Bottom, Ricky, Cody Hunter, Jude Anthony, Julian Fornatora, Billy Long 

Director: Chad Ryan, Nick Cutts 

Genre: Amateur, Bareback, Creampies, Cumshots, Toys


Cum Filled Manholes 4
Satyr Films (2009)
124 mins / 1.63 Gb / AVI

Andre has really gotten quite buffed since the last time we throat-fucked him. He looked quite hot as his hole could offer little resistance to our thick Satyr cock. His hole gets rammed and rammed over again. Another cum filled manhole surrenders! Gabriel is a hot, Latin stud we met while on the town on the Sunset Strip. We offered a huge amount of money to be in one of our films. He is totally straight and has never been with guy, although he said he has thought about it, but the opportunity never presented itself. He was a little unsure of what he was going to be doing, but after a little prompting he finally agreed to be initiated into the Satyr fold. Mitch is a jack-of-all trades, he’s tried just about everything except for sucking some cock and getting his hole fucked. He is a masculine stud, who says he is straight, although we have our doubts. He is a little too eager to wrap his mouth around Kris Anthony’s cock. Rock Bottom gets it real good by straight bouncer, Chad Rock. We met Chad in San Francisco while he was working his night job at one of the dance clubs. He works during the day building bridges but he is always interested in making some extra cash on the side. So we offered a huge wad of cash to pound Rock into submission. Tommy Blair was in one of our other scenes for Ream His Straight Throat 8. He is a young guy from Kentucky who just got to LA to become a movie star. Of course, LA being what it is it was not long before Tommy was on our doorstep looking for work. We worked him over quite well and he was throat-fucked into submission.

Cast:  Rock Bottom, Andre, Gabriel, Kris Anthony, Chad Rock, Mitch Brawn, Tommy Blair 

Director:  Chad Ryan, Nick Cutts 

Genre:  Amateur, Bareback, Creampies, Cumshots, Extreme Penetration, Toys

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