Toby (Solo)

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Age: 20
Video Number: 1242

Toby has worked in many gay bars, has lots of gay friends, sounds kinda gay...but is straight.  ~sigh~ I suspect he gets a lot people calling him out on it, but I am not gonna be the one that defines him.

I think since most people assume he is playing on  Team 'Mo,  that he seems pretty determined to NOT do any gay video work. No sense adding fuel to the flames.  Though, he is buffering money up for a 3-4 month tour of Europe this Summer, so ya never know.

Ironically I find the guys most confident in their sexuality seem to be the easiest to fit into doing gay work. But we will see what Toby wants to do.

Right now though he gives us an amazing solo. You can tell he loves to laugh and smile, and has a great sense of humor.  He has given up on his battle against body hair, and I love his natural look. His uncut cock looks tasty too.

He says he tends to jerk-off  in the shower, so we get a great standing cum shot!

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2013-07-22 14:53:11
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