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A hot, slightly erotic clash between two equally sized and equally heavy (light) opponents awaits you in this fight we recorded in the Berlin studio a few days ago. Thomas introduces himself as a new fighter at Fightplace. Moe, who has been looking after the Berliner more and more lately, is happy about the challenge of this slim opponent. So without much ado, the fighters hit the mat rather quickly, but do not start the fight without warming up sufficiently beforehand. This prevents the risk of injury. But then it's time for the first round of a total of 3 rounds. Although Thomas does not look muscular with his thin little arms, he gives his best in the fight and does not do badly at all. For a newcomer he even does surprisingly well. You can see right away that he enjoys fighting, has the will to win and doesn't give up quickly. So Moe also starts sweating pretty quickly, because he has to make an effort so that he is not the underdog. However, Thomas not only enjoys fighting, he also seems to like Moe a lot. He is particularly fond of some parts of his body :-) After 45 minutes it's over, the power is at its end. Not surprisingly for us, Moe took the victory. Nevertheless, we think it was a successful and exciting fight between these skinnies.
2023-07-07 22:17:04
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