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OnlyFans of West Hollywood go-go dancer footlongandstrong. Great cock, an excellent body.

This is a big collection, lads. Everything from his stream. Normally I like to present a well-organized torrent that has all the files labeled with description and length, no can do in this case because there are just too many, and also a lot of the stuff is very similar. Adam wags his hard cock around then wanks a bit - no cum - 2 min, 20 times is not helpful. So, for this upload, it is every user for themselves. But I still tried to help.

I've broken it down like this - vids, caps, cum vids and pics. He has very few pics but a ton of videos.  If you are worried about data usage or ratio, download the caps folder and only take what interests you. If you hate pics then skip that folder.

All total there are 571 videos. They average about 2 minutes each but they are a good quality 2 minutes.

The vids in the cum folder all have cumshots. The videos in the vids folder consist of him dirty talking, flopping his cock, slapping his cock, and wanking his cock. A few in there may have cum, but I didn't watch them all.

I'm not sure what his sexuality is, but I think he may be straight. Can't believe that if he was bi/gay that he'd only have solo stuff with that amazing cock and good looks. There is one video where a guy sucks his cock for 20 seconds - Adam - footlongstrong video -  (511)

That being said in all his cum videos he sticks his fingers up his ass, so who knows?

If you like alpha chat then he'll give it to you. Lots of, "Dude, you want this fat cock?",  "Bro, get on your knees.", "I'm gonna open that ass", "Open that mouth, I'm gonna load it!".

No "you like that, Faggot?" type stuff. Thankfully.

I will be seeding 24/7, please be patient.  Please seed for as long as possible once you have the file(s), do your part to help.

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PS - Comments below like "50GB of stuff that looks the same? No thank you!" or "Which video is picture 3 on the third line?" Honestly, mates, I can't be bothered.
2023-07-04 11:28:02
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1184 files