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COLOMBIA MANFUCKERS is 7 all new exclusive original fuck scenes - hand selected by Paul Morris - filmed by Criss Mathías in Colombia and presented by
There are some returning favorite tops like GAMBITO, TRAVI SCOTT and JACOB SANTACRUZ. A great flip flop fuck scene featuring LEO GALILEO and EDDIE HERRERA. The grand finale is a 3-way with PAULO CONTRERAS, JUNIOR GARCIA and JULIAN QUINTANA where each of the guys fuck and get fucked. Power muscle top man JULIAN CARDENAS makes a stellar breeding Treasure Island debut.

Scene 1
GAMBITO is so cute when he asks FORTACHON if he wants to suck his dick. Fortachon says of course he does and drops to his knees while putting his muscle ass arched up in the air to tease Gambito and to get him eager to fuck.
Gambito has a nice uncut rod that is perfect for fucking slut bottoms. He gets it wet and slides into the tight warm hole working to open the ass up and then starts to pound away. Fortachon then mounts Gambito on his back and uses the hard cock to fuck his hole, riding it with hard thrusts.
The top man likes to be in control so he pushes him down spread eagle so every inch of his manhood can penetrate deep. Once Fortachon has completely submitted, Gambito is ready to nut and dumps his seed.
The bottom happily cleans off the dick with his mouth.

Scene 2
Young TRAVI SCOTT has a thick fat one. DAMIAN BELLO opens his mouth and sucks it to get it ready to fuck. We love how these Colombians tops reach for a bottom’s ass to make sure they know they are going to get some good dick.
After a face fucking, Travi gets Damian up against the wall and enters his hole fucking the tight pussy and using it for his pole’s pleasure. Travi tosses the bottom kid onto a mattress on the floor and fucks him – grabbing onto his throat while his hard dick rams in and out.
Spread eagle on the bed with nowhere to go but to take the cock, Travi fucks Damian until he cums.

Scene 3
LEO GALILEO & EDDIE HERRERA get together to take turns fucking each other.
Eddie starts off sucking Leo’s hard cock before Leo gets on his knees and returns the favor. Who will get fucked first? The way Eddie throws his legs behind his head, we are certain he is no stranger to offering his mancunt up for cock and cum. Leo slides right in. Some ass to mouth and Eddie gets a good pounding before Leo demands a turn. Leo doesn’t seem ready for how big Eddie’s cock is as his buddy plows away. Eddie looks good while he fucks.
The boys are evenly matched and go back and forth giving each other cock. After several positions, Eddie cannot hold back his cum and shoots a load while Leo fucks him. Guys will never learn they should not cum first if they can’t continue to take a pounding. Eddie tries to push Leo away but it is clear he is not stopping until he nuts. Leo gets Eddie on all fours tells him not to move and poor Eddie has no choice but to take it.

Scene 4
JACOB SANTACRUZ & ANDRES ARIAS start things off with a little shotgun to relax the bottom and get him ready for Jacob’s huge Latin cock. Jacob enjoys being serviced until he decides he is ready to fuck and pushes Andres over the sink so his hole is presented and exposed.
Andres reaches back and guides Jacob’s missile into his hairy ass and he is then completely impaled on the dick. Jacob loves it and fucks the slut going hard and then slow, using the cunt like his personal fuck toy.
First on all fours and then on his back, Andres with the hard swimmer bod abs strokes his cock while Jacob pounds his prostate. Andres squirts and the tight spasms from his hole on Jacob’s meat makes the top man cum.

Scene 5
Colombia Manfuckers includes a second dose of supertop GAMBITO using the whore hole of YEISON ARAGON. This is what a selfish top who likes to fuck looks like as Gambito slaps his cock against his own belly in preparation for fucking.
Yeison has a tight little hole that Gambito has to work open slowly but once he is in, there is no stopping the horny young top until he cums. Yeison yells out for Gambito to take it easy but his cries go unanswered as that appears to only make Gambito fuck harder and deeper.
Yeison rides Gambito’s cock thinking that will give him some control over the fuck but Gambito, seeing how hard the kid’s dick is says “I think you really like it” and pounds his hole even more aggressively. “Just a little bit of pain, good pain.”
There is no use in fighting it kid. Gambito is going to keep fucking until his cum is up your ass. Gambito shoots his load without pulling out and poor little Yeison is left with the spooge dripping out his hole.

Scene 6
Even before things get started, we cannot help but notice the wet spot of pre-cum on DIEGO PELAEZ’s white shorts. Seems his dick is leaking just from the anticipation of getting nailed by JULIAN CARDENAS and the muscle man’s fat cock.
Julian lets Diego suck it so he gets to know the dick that will be assaulting his hole. Diego gets on all fours and Julian shoves in and starts to jack hammer fuck his cock in and out of the bubble butt.
Diego gets on his back with one leg up high so his pussy is open and available for Julian to thrust all the way in.
Julian has Diego bend over a chair with one leg up. The top is like the energizer bunny – he just fucks and fucks and fucks – ultimately dumping his seed in the hungry hole. This sends Diego over the edge as he nuts, knowing he got the cum up his ass.
Julian makes sure every last drop gets in the hole.

Scene 7
JUNIOR GARCIA & PAULO CONTRERAS sit side by side making out as JULIAN QUINTANA sucks their cocks. Julian’s pants are down under his ass so his friends can see his hole is available.
Junior gets his cock in first, getting Julian down on the floor and sucking on Paulo’s cock while he fucks. Paulo comes up behind the 2 guys fucking, and sticks his dick in the TOP’s ass as Junior begs him to shove it in. Junior twerks on Paulo’s cock which also makes his own dick fuck in and out of Julian’s hole in this sweet 3-way fuck.
In a surprise move, Paolo gets Junior on his back and while fucking him, JULIAN steps up behind him and starts to fuck Paolo!
One final trio finds Paolo impaled by Julian and Julian getting fucked by Junior. It is great fun seeing Julian breed Paolo, which makes Paulo shoot and then in turn, Julian taking Paolo’s big cumload.

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