Men’s Rush TV – 極太☆上反り!!キリッと一重♪イケメン陸上部のヒクつくエロマラ!! – BOB-105

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A new label "ONATARING EX" created only for "I want to see straight men's lasciviousness! A new label [ONATARING EX] CASE:36
Would you like to turn your masturbation into money? The straight guy this time is a fresh college student with a sharp single layer of hair^He has a great style and a very refreshing personality. The highest number of shots in a day is 8! He is a handsome guy who is out of the ordinary in many ways^^When he undresses to check out his body, his firm abs and athletically-trained lower body are too erotic! He has a plump ass and thick, muscular thighs...this time we have prepared the perverted staff's favorite full-body tights that fit his erotic body perfectly;

The good-looking guy who changed his clothes while mumbling^^^^His tight-fitting tights made his crotch look big and his thighs look tight! He was so sexy.... First of all, he stimulates her with an electric gun through her tights... "Oh, no," she says, "I can't stand it through the slippery fabric. The thickness, length, and volume of her erotic cock is huge! Are all college students these days big? LOL!

The perverted staff couldn't resist to see her big heavy dick jiggling and feeling it, so they managed to persuade her to give him a thick blowjob ^^ She felt it even though it was her first blowjob with a man! He spurts out his sperm while his thick legs are covered in lube^^ and on the way back to the shower room...the pervert staff does whatever they want to him until the very end...thanks for your hard work, handsome guy...^^♪



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