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This guy name is Ludden and damned if he isnt one of the finest specimens of young manhood walking the planet today! Ludden is all man, very stocky and firm with a pair of killer legs that could only be comparable to tree trunks and a muscular ass that could almost squeeze you to death if you were to lick him wrong.(ass-aconda)
P.S his the first picture i uploaded

Ian loves adult films and jackin his dick to em when he's alone. Ian lets a guy inspect his ass hole and gets kind of shy and playful when he says that no guy ever told him he had a nice ass before! Well we were glad to be the first.

Suck off
Todays video starts off what should be an interesting months worth of fun as we hunt for the guy who likes, no wait LOVES to suck off multiple men at the same time. We introduced you to Trip a while back and since Doug's hiatus and Trip's trip to Hawaii, he hasn't been on ASG in nearly five months..but now that he's back it was time to break him in again by having him brush up on his oral skills. We get calls all the time from guys, models and random who just want to hang out and bust a nut (usually with our help) but hell guys we can't suck off every guy that comes in so that's why we called Trip. He handily services Ludden and Ian in this fun and messy suckathon.
2013-07-19 17:55:12
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