AdultTime - “Proud Pervs – Spotted at the Gym” (Modern-Day Sins)Roman Todd bangs Nick Fitt

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“Roman Todd is ready to start a gym routine under the guidance of his new personal trainer, Nick Fitt. As Nick asks questions to find out what Roman’s fitness goals are, there are hints that Nick’s goal is to get close to Roman… REAL close.

Nick begins a complimentary session for Roman, taking him around the gym to try out different equipment and exercises. As he spots Roman, there are even more hints of something simmering under the surface — for BOTH of them. Every corrected posture or hands-on demonstration only makes them hotter and harder.

Finally, they’re unable to hold back their desire. As Roman works on his bench presses, Nick subtly slides his own cock out of his shorts and into Roman’s hot mouth. All around them, other gym-goers continue their training, not seemingly suspecting a thing… which only adds to the thrill.

Roman and Nick become even bolder, eventually shedding their sweaty clothes as an excuse to see more skin. As they do, they no longer care about everyone else around them, having eyes only for each other. That’s when the REAL workout begins.

Unashamed and consumed by lust, they start sucking each other off with gusto. As soon as they’re good and ready, Roman fucks Nick in the ass wherever he can, all over the gym, as curious gym-goers gawk at them in amazement.

It looks like Roman is going to enjoy this new gym routine VERY much!”
2023-05-21 22:37:42
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