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Yet another of the series of hot, gorgeous men from Eastern Europe. Q picks up where Zoltan left off. Mix in some of the most beautiful, big, uncut French men and other European hunks and you get Q.

Online review:
Like all early Moussu films, this is indeed pretty hopeless both technically and artistically. But Militaire en perm' is actually worse ! (Scene 9 of Q suffers from the same technical problems and was probably part of the same shoot.) It's all the more striking that Moussu got hold of many great models who had starred in Bjorn's films and of one location used for The Vampire of Budapest (the Royal Baths, where the first third of the film is set): any comparison is ruthless for Moussu! It's interesting to note that this is a "transition" film between the early ones made in Hungary (Soldats & Zoltan) and the ones made (at least partly) in France with Hungarian models. The first half of Q is shot in Hungary, the second half (starting with Stephane Mousu's scene) was made in his Aix-en-Provence villa. Finally, about the title: Q = "cul", so "ass", but also a slang word for sex, particularly in the phrase "film de cul", meaning porn flick.

director St├ęphane Moussu
cast credits

Boris (cp)
Christian (Baraqua)
Gabor (cp)
Gregor (Lajos Bognar)
Jos├Ęph (Tamas Konya)
Marko (Tibor)
Nicolas (Beni Laczko)
Stephane (Moussu)
Tamas (Martin Cage)
Tibor (Sergei Jordanov)


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