Island Studs - Joshua

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Joshua is a real local Hawaiian white boy with wide board-short tan lines. He has lived on the Islands for 20 of his 21 years.  Everything about him is local - from his island accent to his bold tattoos! This scruffy surfer has ink over all over his tight lanky body, yet his face and features are pure Italian / American. Joshua has a gorgeous face with beautiful classic wavy Italian hair and arresting bright blue eyes. He is the perfect twink: skinny undeveloped boy body with a BIG man size cock. A house painter by trade, he has dirty blue collar fingernails from working his regular job. Joshua is totally comfortable with his clothes off and seems to enjoy scrubbing the outdoor deck naked with his heavy ball sack dangling below his ass checks. When he bends over to secure the garden hose we get a perfect view of Joshua's young boy butt, hairy ass crack and hairy arm pits. He is youthful and smooth everywhere on his tight torso. Included here is the full lengthy jerk off footage of Joshua enjoying his entire body while he has a wank. He really likes to play with his nuts and that special area just under his balls! Watch as he grabs and manhandles his BIG nut sack while he masturbates. He loses himself in his erotic pleasure, touching his body & rubbing his smooth chest while he jerks off. He giggles shyly when I complement him on his handsome face and big beautiful cock. When I leave him alone with the camera running he really gets into stroking his whole body. He then looks nervously at the camera and then into the house realizing we caught him having so much fun alone!  The footage of this Island Stud boy stroking his giant dick is very intimate & sexy! Hearing him explain, in his own Hawaiian words, how he learned he had a big dick is priceless!  He states that his younger girlfriends always tell him that his fat and girthy cock hurts them... and this makes him feel like a man! This sexy surfer boy actually likes hurting his girlfriends with his BIG DICK! Joshua releases a big white thick gooey load of cum that oozes out of his hard dick & drips onto his big hairless ball sack!  We are pleased that this hot white local Hawaiian Island Stud is on our Island to stay!
2010-12-03 13:54:32
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