FSB - Damien Chapter 3 The Gardener's Secret 1080p

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It doesn’t escape my attention that guys on the short side—with tiny frames and petite builds—tend to have the hots for me. This has been a phenomenon for as long back as I can remember. I’m 6’7” now, and I’ve been taller than my peers pretty much my entire life. Even as a child, I tended to tower over nearly all the other kids. Guys have a tendency to pay me a lot of attention. They look up to me, you could say.

Can’t say that I mind! Honestly, I find shorter guys extremely attractive, and I’m not shy about that fact. In my professional gardening and landscaping business, I find myself surrounded by short, petite fellows. There’s one hot, young twink in particular named Damien whom I discovered has quite a crush on me. And yes, he’s a short dude- probably 5’4”ish.

Now, how do I know that Damien has a crush on me? Truth be told, he makes it kinda obvious. You see, Damien’s got no problem openly staring at me. I’ve caught him damn near drooling when I happen to walk by. Even if he and I are in a room full of people, the young Latin beauty has got eyes for me and only me. And I think it’s absolutely fucking hot. I just love the way he looks up at me with those sweet, adoring, dark brown eyes and gorgeous smile.

So one afternoon after we had finished up some landscaping chores, Damien and I looked at each other and realized that we were finally alone. With a nod, we snuck into the tool shed. The moment that the door was shut behind us, we were all over each other.

Damien’s hands explored my long, tall frame. I desperately wanted his tongue inside my mouth. The tiny stud needed a little boost, lol. We both smiled as I lifted Damien’s small body up to my lips.

The throbbing tool in my pants couldn’t get any harder. By the look of the sizable lump in his jeans, Damien’s probably couldn’t, either! I could feel the precum oozing, soaking the inside of my underwear while Damien and I made out. Wasn’t long before the miniature Latin doll was (mercifully) unzipping my work pants and pulling my cock out. His eyes got real wide as he realized that he could barely get his little hand around my meat.

I removed the twink’s shirt and marveled at how perfectly smooth and fit the boy’s body was. In contrast to Damien’s small frame, my huge hand could nearly wrap all the way around his waist. My erection was almost exactly the same length as the tiny twink’s torso—our frames couldn’t have been more disproportionate.

I couldn’t help but emit a long, loud hiss of intense arousal as I slid the underside of my aching cock up-and-down Damien’s rock hard abs. His little washboard belly glistened with the sticky sheen of my ever-oozing precum. And with Damien’s constant sighs and labored breaths, I could tell that this grind was turning the boy on to the max.

Damien desperately needed my cock inside of him as much as I needed to do it. His eyes had a pleading ‘fuck me now’ look. However, I have to admit that I was a bit unsure if my penis would actually fit inside his boy canal. As hot as I find small guys, I worried that our size difference was just too vast for this to work…

…but, I mean, we had to try!

It took some extra finesse and care, but thanks to my extensive experience with smaller-sized dudes, somehow I was finally able to squeeze my shaft not just deep inside, but miraculously all the way up to the hilt. You should have seen the look of both pure, astonished bliss and sweet agony that wracked Damien’s expression. His little body shivered and writhed, unsure of what to do with the pounds of pleasure filling him up

It was a rather chilly day outside, but it felt like a fucking sauna inside the toolshed. Our shared body heat and passionate fuck had the both of us covered in sweat. While I expertly maneuvered all the way in and then all the way out of Damien’s itty-bitty bubble butt, I fantasized about licking the sweet, delicious boy clean of the sweat I’d made him work up.

And it was that vision, that fantasy that pushed me over the edge. I shot so much cum into the doll-sized twink that when I finally pulled out, a huge wad of thick, juicy semen exploded out of Damien’s well-fucked anus.

We held each other afterwards, our sweat-soaked bodies pressed tightly against one another. We were exhausted but smiling as we kissed, and definitely more than satisfied with our break from work.

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