Southern Strokes - JJ Handler nails Jayden Ellis

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Southern Strokes - JJ Handler nails Jayden Ellis

Anyone that knows our boy Jayden Ellis, knows that he loves himself and big cock. If fact, Jayden is one of those boys that loves his sex ruff, hard, deep complete with a reward at the end.
After meeting JJ Handler at the Ranch, Jayden couldn't wait to be on the receiving end of JJ's long, thick, black uncut cock.

Jayden laid on the bed and worshiped JJ's shredded body with is tongue and mouth, kissing his abs and working his way down to JJ's big black cock.
JJ made Jayden deep throat his swelling cock until Jayden wiped the tears from his eyes as he gladly asked for more.

JJ wrapped his big uncut cock and put Jayden on all fours and made him take it from behind. Jayden begged for more as JJ slapped his ass and grabbed the back of his neck making him take it deeper and harder.
JJ was just getting going so Jayden didn't know that he was in for a long ass raping.

JJ put Jayden on his back and held his legs open wide and pumped him full of his black uncut piece of meat. Our black Southern stud JJ aggressively fucked Jayden slapping him around a little bit to make sure that Jayden knew who was in charge.
After wrecking his hole for a good hour or more, JJ fucked the cum out of Jayden before he fed Jayden his gallon of hot spunk.

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