Steve Peryoux and Viktor Burek Raw Czech Up

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Viktor Burek is in hospital, being tended to by Steve Peryoux. Steve wheels Viktor into the room and helps him onto the bed. Then Steve begins to examine Viktor, suggesting that he massage the injured leg to see it if helps. Removing the bandage from Viktor's thick left thigh Steve takes some oil and starts to massage. After briefly massaging the thigh Steve has Viktor sit up, on the edge of the bed. He lifts his gown so that Steve can listen to his chest. Naked under the gown we see Viktor's cock and balls as he holds the gown up. Then Steve checks Viktor's neck, for any swollen glands. It seems that Steve is interested in more that his work, as his hands caress Viktor's face. Soon he helps Viktor off with the gown and sits next to him to rub his hands over that sexy body. Removing his own shirt Steve leans over and starts to kiss Viktor, before going down to suck on his lovely, soft cock. That hot mouth has the desired effect and Viktor's cock is soon rock hard as Steve's head bobs up and down on it. Then Viktor sits up and opens Steve's pants, releasing a big hard cock. Viktor quickly lowers his head onto it and starts to suck. Steve stands up and lets Viktor continue to suck his throbbing cock. He holds Viktor's head in place as he starts to fuck the cock in and out of the eager mouth. As he sucks Viktor wanks his own cock keeping it nice and hard. Then he lays back on the bed and Steve climbs over him so they can suck each other's cocks in a 69. Steve also moves down to lick and suck on Viktor's toes as well. Then Viktor lifts his legs up, so that his hot hole is available and Steve starts to rim it, getting his tongue lapping at that tight hole. Viktor's ass needs more than tongue and soon Steve's big dick is deep inside, fucking hard and fast. Viktor moans as he takes that big cock, loving how his hole is stretched wide and plowed deep. Having worked that ass real good Steve wants to feel some cock in his hole too, so he climbs up and sits his hot ass down on Viktor rigid cock. He rides up and down on Viktor's cock, wanking himself hard and fast at the same time. Soon Steve's cock spurts with creamy cum and Viktor keeps fucking his tight hole as deep as he can. Steve then moves, bending over the bed so that Viktor can fuck him from behind. He fucks that ass real good. Then pulls out to wank himself and quickly dumps his hot cum all over Steve's ass. They enjoy another bout of kissing to end a very hot scene.

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