[Bacchus Releasing] - Half Court Pickup (2005)

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A basketball court is a great place for a pickup. Pickup of some horse-hung black brothas, that is! Score yourself a hot and horny b-baller and put on the full court press for the maximum black on black action.

[Bacchus Releasing] - Half Court Pickup (2005)

Cast: Troy Miller, Black Heat, Freakzilla, Romeo, Amaya, Tiger, Troy

Actors Look:  ~handsome ~slim
Age: ~youngbloods
Body Hair: ~hairy ~hairless
Body Types:~muscles ~regular-build ~lean ~beefy
Cock Size: ~above/average ~big ~hung ~uncuts
Ethnic Type: ~blacks
Fetishes: ~tattoos ~sneakers
Facial Hair: ~goatees ~unshaven ~clean-shaven
Nationality: ~american
Protection:  ~safe-sex
Quality: ~dvd-rip ~crunched ~shrunk
Sex Practice: ~anal ~deep-throating oral-sex

00:00:00.000 MAIN TITLES
00:01:08.568 SCENE 1
00:21:00.293 SCENE 2
00:45:05.872 SCENE 3
01:04:52.559 SCENE 4

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