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Studio Big Blue Productions Produced 2000
Chad Johnson Gage Blake Hans Ebson Joshua Scott Mason Jarr Paul Carrigan Rich Raines Ryan Steele Steve Hurley Blue Blake Dash Rock

Famous for the memed porn scene:

I have to cwall da police.. the demolition guy next door raped me... ... when I was delivering da papah.
*sits down*
Ouch! My ass wheely hurtz!

Nominated actor and screenwriter takes you on an erotic roller coaster ride in his stunning directorial debut. Beefy super-hunk Paul Carrigan mercilessly plows willing muscleman Joshua Scott in his shower. After Joshua Scott receives much more than he had bargained for, Paul Carrigan embarks on a dark adventure culminating in his tight man hole being severely gang ravaged by ultimate daddy Steve Hurley, 10 inch "uncut" monster cock Chad Johnson and superstar Mason Jarr. Along the way, see young pup Hans Ebson suffer at the hands and cocks of Hurley and hung Rich Raines. Set on an actual construction site and introducing real life straight construction worker Ryan Steele and featuring 250lb Royal bodybuilder Gage Blake Demolition Daddy is a must see for guys who like their own men verbal and nasty.

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