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Thanks for being understanding with my situation this past month.  I'm glad I ended up swapping to housekeeping, cause the hubby had to go to the ER and get admitted again for a few days.  It wasn't cause he was feeling bad, but it was cause they wanted a second kidney biopsy (and the doctor didn't tell us that till after making us panic about what the issue was), and this was the fastest way to have it done.  We had several more unfun days at the hospital, but the hubby is home and doing fine.

NOW, as for what I did get done...

2 more images were added to Spencer's epilogue.  One at the start and one sometime closer to the middle.

Chester's first kiss was added into Day 14 (the first REAL kiss and not just a peck!).

Added 2 more recipes to the kitchen! Day 15 Richard with Chicken Lazone and Day 20 Chester with Dordito Chicken. If you guys try any of the stuff out, let me know what you think!  I have more to add still.

For the Gallery version, I started updating Harold's clothing gallery.  Everything there now -should- work fine.  I didn't find any crashes at least.  It's still far from done, but it's a huge upgrade over the old one!

Now, barring any new emergencies popping up, I should be on track again for normal updates.  Richard should be up next, so keep an eye out for that!
2023-07-02 03:38:39
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